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"'The reigning king of Indian food' is in a 'setting fit for a queen,' 'hidden' in a Fort Washington Best Western; 'aromatic,' 'top-of-the-line' cuisine is served by a 'helpful' staff; overall, it's an 'excellent' choice" - Zagat Survey 1999, Philadelphia Restaurants

"It has no competitors in this area-not in atmosphere, which is gorgeous enough to come as a delightful surprise to first-time visitors, nor in the general excellence of its offerings; for instance, the richest daal imaginable, not in the plain bean gruel that comes to mind but daal makhani, black beans, and lentils simmered in cream for hours, lightly fried in butter with fresh onion, ginger and garlic. My new favorite entrée is a vindaloo made with fish instead of lamb or chicken. (I like the way its sauce makes the top of my head feel like someone's just opened a window to let the searing heat of chili peppers escape.) And I urge you to order one of the biryanis, basmati rice pilafs studded with cashews and tender golden raisins. With 11 different Indian breads on the menu - like shali kulcha, an unleavened round stuffed with spicy minced chicken - it's difficult to restrict oneself to choosing just few. But I can't think of a better way to ruin my appetite." - Janet Bukovinsky, Teacher; Philadelphia Magazine, July 1997

With stunning décor and exceptional Indian cuisine, the Palace of Asia packs a one-two wallop few other restaurants can match. Service was exceptionally friendly and informative. In addition to exotic drinks, the Palace of Asia has good beers imported from India. - John V.R. Bull, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Add another star to your short list of fabulous finds Palace of Asia, a luxurious dining room with passionate Indian food." - Janet Bukovinsky, Philadelphia Magazine